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Washington Contractor’s Lien Rights Require Precision

There are five basic procedural steps that Washington State contractors must fully comply with in order to preserve their right to secure payments through liens.  The procedural steps required include providing (1) pre-construction notices, (2) notice to the owner, (3) a Lien Release; (4) filing a “Claim of Lien”; and (5) enforcing the lien in court.  In some instances, you may also consider sending notice to known lenders.  Each step must be executed with strict compliance to form and timing.

Lien rights provide vital security to contractors who provide services and/or materials which have been used to improve real property.  However, a contractor’s lien rights will become unenforceable in the event of the smallest error or omission.

If you are a general or specialty contractor, or you manage a construction company, and are interested in learning more about how to protect you and/or your company’s lien rights; call Boice Law Firm at (253) 944-1212 or email Brian Boice at to schedule a consultation.  Construction Liens are the best way to secure payment for your efforts.  Do not leave these rights to chance!

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