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Boice Law Firm, PLLC prides itself on honesty, integrity, and prudence.  In order to provide the best service to our clients, Boice Law Firm focuses on representing its clients with Real Estate Concerns, Land Use & Zoning, Construction Defect Law, Contracts, Business & Commercial Law, Business Organizations, Employment disputes, and Landlord/Tenant issues.

Boice Law Firm strives to foster lasting relationships that result from providing professional advice on a wide range of concerns relating to real estate, construction, and business.  In all, Boice Law Firm is committed to providing excellent, affordable legal representation to its clients.

The expense of hiring a large law firm can be astronomical.  Despite their inflated cost, they often pass their legal challenges along to junior level associates that are unaware of your goals, and who fail to provide the personal attention needed to provide proper representation.  The large firms will often spend excessive and unnecessary time on assignments that don’t directly benefit your needs, all under the guise that your legal issues are being handled by a top-priced and experienced partner.  Plainly stated, large firms provide slow, impersonal service at a premium rate.

At Boice Law Firm, the attorney you communicate with will be the same attorney that will prepare and research your legal solutions.  Not only will you receive personalized service tailored to your goals, you will also receive legal advice from an attorney who is fully aware of your issues at an affordable price.  Why pay large firm rates when you can receive effective and more economical legal advice from Boice Law Firm?

Washington Contractor’s Lien Rights Require Precision

There are five basic procedural steps that Washington State contractors must fully comply with in order to preserve their right to secure payments through liens.  The procedural steps required include providing (1) pre-construction notices, (2) notice to the owner, (3) a Lien Release; (4) filing a “Claim of Lien”; and (5) enforcing the lien in […]

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Long Over Due Protection for Email

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that individuals have an expectation of privacy in their personal email accounts.  ...

Procedural Security Deposit Pitfalls for Washington Landlords

When requiring a security deposit from a renter, a landlord must follow specific steps in order to use the deposit ...