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Comprehensive "In-House Counsel"

Let Boice Law Firm serve as “in-house counsel” for your small to medium sized business.  Our office is experienced in providing legal advice in a myriad of issues that arise while running a business, such as employment/labor disputes, corporate structure and governance, mergers and acquisitions, executive compensation, litigation, debt collection, and taxation. 


You know your business, and partnering with Boice Law Firm to handle your legal issues allows you to focus more on the part of your business that you know best.

Intellectual Property

Secure your marketing and ideas

In keeping with Boice Law Firm’s “in-house counsel” style of representation, clients can rest easy knowing that their business marketing will be secure.  Boice Law Firm’s legal team is well equipped to protect the branding you develop.  A trademark is all about branding your business, products, or services.  You put a lot of effort into developing your brand and a trademark protects that effort.  It gives you exclusive use of your mark. 


Full service legal representation from contract formation to contract enforcement

Boice Law Firm’s construction related representation is led by Brian Boice, who is admitted in California and Washington, and has been recognized by Washington Super Lawyers Magazine, as a “Rising Star” in Construction Litigation for four consecutive years – an honor bestowed upon no more than 2.5% of Washington State attorneys. 

Boice Law Firm provides front-to-back representation to Contractors, subtrade specialists, material suppliers, and design professionals.  We prepare, negotiate, enforce contracts on behalf of our construction-related clients.  (Don’t forget that we will also provide you with “in-house counsel” relating to your construction

Property Management

Landlord-side representation for all owners, big and small.

Boice Law Firm is recognized in the property management industry as one of the premier legal resources for all of the legal issues that arise in the management of rental property.  In 2020, the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association members recognized Boice Law Firm as a finalist for “Industry Partner of the Year”; a great honor that demonstrates Boice Law Firm’s commitment to its clients.

In addition to handling unlawful detainers for Property Owners and Property Managers, Boice Law Firm also provide full service legal representation for the multi-family housing industry.  Whether you need an eviction, a revised lease or addendum, or “in-house counsel” representation; let Boice Law Firm be your partner.


Boice Law Firm is experienced in providing representation to businesses and individuals who require legal representation in a civil case.  Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, Boice Law Firm is an attractive choice to handle your case.

We have your back, whether we are enforcing your rights, defending you, or both.

Debt Collection

If assets exist, we know how to find them to recover the compensation you earned.

At Boice Law Firm, we do not consider your case complete after a judgment is obtained.  We have the tools and experience to help you determine the best options for you to recover your money.  Brian Boice is a regular keynote speaker for the Tacoma Chapter of Credit & Financial Development Division of NACM, where he discusses innovative ways for account managers to recover payment for over-90-day delinquencies.

Estate Planning

Let Boice Law Firm help you plan for

the future.

Boice Law Firm, led by Angela Boice, is an attractive option for you and your family when the time comes to address your estate.  Whether you need a simple will, power of attorney, or advanced directive; or you are interested in exploring the several tax advantages available to them to pass along as much of their estate to their loved ones as is legally possible; Boice Law Firm is a ready and able partner.  Boice Law Firm can be your guide in creating a comprehensive strategy to protect the assets you have accrued through your life, and we can help develop a roadmap to protect the assets you acquire later in life.   

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